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Body Lift

Weight that has been gained over years can be lost quite fast when a good exercise and diet plan is followed. However, skin that has lost elasticity is harder to remove. Sagging and dimpled skin can be counteracted by a body lift to remove excess skin.

The procedure also provides an opportunity to further tone and shape your body. The battle to stay fit is easier when you have a body worth fighting for, and a body lift is a very positive step forward.

Although we usually imagine large framed people as body lift candidates, a patient’s suitability is also ascertained by skin tissue elasticity, genetics, motherhood, sun damage or general ageing. Those considering a body lift should be resolute in their efforts to maintain a health and exercise routine after the surgery. In severe cases of obesity, a body lift can be life-saving and life-changing.

Body lift surgery can benefit the entire person, and shouldn’t be confused with a tummy tuck. A body lift will also improve the tone and shape of your back, thighs, hips, buttocks and sides. It can be aided by liposuction fat removal or combined with other procedures such as a breast lift or arm lift (brachioplasty). A body lift is designed to restore symmetry and shape to your entire body.

Consultation for body lift surgery

It’s natural to feel apprehensive about surgery, but there are many reasons to feel positive too. Choosing an experienced and highly qualified Aesthetic Surgeon is the first step. A body lift takes away years as well as the weight, and only an expert practitioner is capable of giving you the best possible results.

Dr Valente will guide you through the body lift procedure, while taking your personalised needs into consideration. He is as committed to great outcomes as you are, and dedicates his medical ability to transforming lives.

Dr Valente is not just your surgeon; he will be there for you every step of your journey for consultation and inspiration.

Body lift surgical options tailored just for you will be discussed during consultation. The cost of body lift surgery is variable due to individual needs, but these will be discussed with you as part of the service offered by Dr Valente and his team.

Body lift surgery procedure

A major focus for most body lifts is the removal of excess skin. Your individual body shape can be restored with a body lift procedure that is targeted for best results. Although there are limitations, a body lift will reverse the signs of age and take years off your appearance.

The body lift surgery is performed in a hospital environment under general anaesthesia. Although body lift surgery can be extensive, incisions are placed to be conveniently concealed by underclothes or swimwear. The operation can take several hours, followed by recovery in hospital for a few days.  During this time, you will be supported by surgical bandages, dressings and drains that remove any unwanted fluid build-up. Although recovery takes time, long-term improvement is the real reward for moving into a healthier future.

Body lift surgery recovery

Preparation for your return home actually begins before the operation. Your movements will be limited once you return home, so items commonly used and things you need should be at a convenient height to reach. You will also need a family member or friend to drive you home, and even better if they stay with you for a day or two. Your home recovery should include at least a few weeks off work to heal and prepare for a return to regular activities.

As a patient of Dr Valente, your progress is monitored at every step to ensure the best surgical recovery and results. Pain relief medication can be prescribed as required. Within the first weeks of recovery, physical activity can be slowly reintroduced as healing continues and comfort returns.

Body lift for good health

Patients derive numerous benefits from body lift procedures. The physical improvements are a springboard to greater self-confidence, a more active social life, or greater intimacy. It’s also an opportunity to get fit and take the strain off aching joints.

Surgical incision scars lighten to a more natural skin colour over time, and body lift improvements are permanent when followed up with good habits and exercise. In other words, as a result of your body lift you can get your younger body back, and a brand new smile to go with it.