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Brazilian Butt Lift

Natural changes take place with age, often resulting in a physical appearance that has lost its youthfulness. This is especially obvious when a once curvy butt has been weighed down by gravity or genetic effects. A Brazilian butt lift could be the answer.

This butt augmentation procedure re-establishes sensual perkiness and womanly curves without the need for invasive surgery. It's a natural process, where your own displaced fat is harvested before being re-injected and assimilated with existing fat and tissue.

A Brazilian butt lift provides the opportunity for precise sculpting of the body. Fat harvested by liposuction is purified before being injected in micro droplets where it is needed. Healthy fat deposits are then assisted by ongoing tissue and blood vessel development resulting in a butt that is firm, rounded and totally natural without the use of implants.

A Brazilian butt lift is the perfect solution for various situations.

  • Sagging buttocks
  • Flat under-developed buttocks
  • Uneven asymmetrical buttocks
  • Disproportionate buttocks
  • Buttock shape changes due to weight loss

Brazilian butt lift consultation

Your body is no place for experimentation with unqualified amateurs, and only a certified surgeon like Dr Valente who has been trained by some of Brazil’s best Plastic surgeons can guarantee a clinical environment that provides the highest standards of a sterile operating environment.

Dr Valente will guide you through a consultation designed specifically to target your individual needs. The consultation is a private, confidential and caring experience that will provide the resources and knowledge required to take the next step of your transformation. You will gain an understanding of the Brazilian butt lift procedure and the results you can expect to attain.

Dr Valente has the experience, technology and ability to dramatically transform your physical appearance. Every step of the procedure is designed with your success in mind. The cost of a Brazilian butt lift can also be discussed during your consultation with Dr Valente.

Brazilian butt lift procedure

Fat is harvested from your own body. This is performed by liposuction using a very narrow cannula in a sterile environment. Only very small fat cells are harvested, as larger fat grafts can compromise results and therefore give unpredictability. Liposuction usually takes place on the stomach, thighs or back.

The fat cells are then processed and purified to prepare them for re-injection into your buttocks. A small needle-like cannula is used to inject the purified fat at various depths for maximum absorption.

Micro-injections facilitate uniform uptake of fat for a smooth and natural buttock appearance. Although a prominent butt is often the goal of patients, it’s also important to consider a proportionate approach that looks realistic as well as attractive.

Your Brazilian butt lift is rewarding on several fronts, as the liposuctioned areas will appear more proportionate and shapely and your buttocks becomes shaped and more feminine.

Recovery from a Brazilian butt lift

The fat cells re-introduced into your butt will take time to assimilate. Recovery includes some important guidelines to facilitate new blood vessel development around the fatty tissue, ensuring full and firm buttocks.

  • Don’t sit directly on your buttocks for several weeks
  • Drink plenty of fluids and remain comfortable and rested for the first week
  • No driving for several weeks
  • Return to work after two weeks, although sitting isn’t yet suitable
  • Stick to follow-up post-operative appointments to monitor progress
  • A surgical compression garment will assist with healing during the first two weeks

There will be some swelling, redness, minor discomfort during the initial recovery period. Pain relief medication can be prescribed as required. In general, all normal activities can be resumed about a month after your Brazilian butt lift.

The results of a Brazilian butt lift are permanent, although additional treatments can be undertaken if required. The new fat transfer augmentation methods are extremely safe when performed by an expert at specialist clinical facilities. As there are no artificial implants used, your new curves are all the real you, and something to be proud of.

Actual patient

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