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Mummy Makeover

The personal growth that comes from motherhood is a rewarding experience in itself. There are milestones and challenges for a mother as children develop and grow. At the same time, pregnancy and breastfeeding take their toll, while hormonal changes can also alter bodily contour.

A mummy makeover is definitely worth considering for women who want to reverse the signs of ageing.

Mummy makeover surgery assists women who are not satisfied with their changed appearance post-pregnancy. Women who were previously extroverted can become withdrawn or shy. In many cases, elective surgery is the only way to fully restore firmness and shape, although many women benefit with exercise and dieting.

What is a mummy makeover?

Actually, ‘mummy makeover’ is a marketing term. The surgery itself can target many areas of the body, and is popular with young and middle-aged women who want to be in better shape. A mummy makeover is most beneficial for women who aren’t planning on having more children, and for those who simply can’t shed excess fat or flab.

Pregnancy and childbirth can affect muscle tone, weight gain, stretch skin and firmness of breasts. Any of these conditions can be inhibiting. A mummy makeover provides the patient with options for physical improvements or enhancements. Surgeries to rectify affected body areas include:

  • Liposuction – unwanted fatty tissue is removed and a sculpted appearance formed
  • Tummy Tuck – creates a flat abdomen and waist while also tightening muscles
  • Breast Lift – for more youthful or prominent breasts
  • Breast Augmentation – implants or fat transfer injections for restoring deflated breasts
  • Arm lift – strengthen and tighten the upper arms
  • Thigh lift – shaping and tightening the thighs
  • Butt lift – raise and contour with or without implants

There are many more procedures that complement the goals of a mummy makeover, and they can be discussed in a relaxed and confidential consultation with Dr Valente. He understands the individual procedures and the advantage of combining several procedures to provide long-term results. Dr Valente guides you regarding costs, procedures and expectations of mummy makeover surgery, and as your personal surgeon he oversees your entire surgery and recovery.

A mother's changing body shape

As a baby develops within the uterus, abdominal muscles accommodate the change by relaxing. This facilitates further expansion of the abdomen. After childbirth the majority of women experience loose skin, stretch marks or a changed waistline. Breasts also change significantly during pregnancy and motherhood. Even without breastfeeding, a mother’s breast milk glands will swell and expand the skin.

As milk glands slowly shrink, stretch marks or sagging can become pronounced. Improvements to breast appearance and structure can be achieved by using implants or harvested fat cells that are re-injected back into the skin. Changes to body shape after pregnancy are surprising and not always ideal. There can be a persistent or permanent build-up of fat on the thighs, hips or back, and overall posture may also be adversely affected.

A 'mummy makeover' is all for you

This type of surgery is common with women between thirty and fifty years of age. It’s therefore no surprise that it is called a mummy makeover. For women who no longer breastfeed and don’t anticipate further children a mummy makeover can be a timely and transforming process.

A mummy makeover can improve almost any part of the body. Breasts can be raised, your tummy tucked, loose skin removed and your body shaped. All options can be discussed with Dr Valente in a confidential, professional setting.

A mummy makeover does more than just restore and rejuvenate. It can also repair and rebuild your womanly body and give you the self-esteem you deserve. A mummy makeover restores quality of life and provides the springboard for a healthy, vital and attractive future.