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Thigh Lift

There are several places in the body where fat is most likely to get stored. The upper legs are an area that can really weigh a person down. Fatty build up becomes an obstacle to exercise, ultimately leading to cellulite or dimpled skin for some people, and a heavy appearance can result in a crippling lack of self-confidence.

A thigh lift could provide the solution by balancing overall physique and restoring confidence, even when wearing a swimsuit or intimate apparel.

Thighs can be a difficult area of the body to keep in shape. They are a natural repository of muscle, and so cover a large area suited to fatty build-up. Muscle and skin expands to accommodate fat, and if neglected to extreme can result in skin that sags, requiring a thigh lift to correct.

A thigh lift removes unwanted skin, fat and tissue in order to restore firmness and shape to the upper legs. As with much elective surgery, a thigh lift will reap the best results when coupled with healthy exercise and diet.

Thigh lift expectations and outcomes

A variety of lifestyle and health scenarios can lead to weight gain. Avoiding negative or damaging habits is a priority in accepting the need for change. Health and fitness should also be a priority during recovery. Your thigh lift with Dr Valente is a precision team effort that will result in you looking and feeling great.

Reasons for thigh lift surgery include:

  • Removal of skin, fat or tissue from the upper legs
  • Look good in form-fitting clothing and swimwear
  • Assisting with weight loss
  • Promoting healthier lifestyle choices
  • Allowing joints to move freely and without discomfort

Thigh lift surgery results are mostly a reflection of the surgeon’s ability. Dr Valente has established his reputation on the basis of positive patient outcomes, and is your partner every step of the way, from consultation to surgery and recovery.

Some thigh lift methods

As everyone is different, thigh lift surgery is targeted to match exacting individual requirements. Excess skin, fat or tissue will need to be removed and the condition of the thighs will determine any incision placements. Incisions can be simple or complex depending on the area of skin that needs to be removed.

  • Inner thigh lift – An incision is made between the thigh and pubic area before unwanted fat and tissue is removed. The scar is conveniently hidden.
  • Mini thigh lift – A small incision is made close to the groin. Skin and tissue is removed from the upper thigh, with minimal scarring.
  • Medial thigh lift – Shapes and tightens skin at the top of the inner thigh. This flap of flab is often visible after extreme weight loss, but an incision mark that is concealed in the bikini line need be the only reminder once you recover from surgery.
  • Bilateral thigh lift – This lift is also concealed by underwear, although the thigh is tightened on the outside and front. This is another procedure that is beneficial after extreme weight loss as it smooths and shapes both sides of the leg.

When all is said and done, a thigh lift performed as elective surgery should result in shapelier legs and a physique that is proportional. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and a woman deserves to be proud of her legs.

Recovery and care after a thigh lift

After thigh lift surgery, your legs will be bandaged, with the possible addition of drains to release unwanted fluids. A compression garment is often also used to hold incisions and skin in place during initial recovery. Once you are relatively mobile, a return home is possible. You will need the assistance of a friend or family member to drive and possibly stay with you for a day or two during home recovery. Soreness and swelling is expected, but should subside within a couple of days.

You will need to position pillows for relieving pressure on the legs, and soon walking will be possible, along with a shower and washing routine to care for the incision site. After a couple of weeks, you can return to work and regular activities, and the introduction of moderate exercise is possible.

Good looking legs are shapely, toned and healthy. They also need to be proportionate, and a thigh lift is often all that’s required for regaining that hourglass figure.