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Breast Lift

Women's breasts are influenced by a range of physical and hormonal transformations. Pregnancy and childbirth is one situation where breasts fluctuate in size and weight, potentially resulting in a sagging, deflated appearance post these major life events.

Regular weight gain and loss also takes its toll, as does gravity and general ageing. A breast lift restores the appearance of breasts and assists women with regaining confidence and comfort.

A breast lift can be performed to correct damage caused by illness or injury. A breast lift creates a strong foundation for creating a natural and youthful looking breasts. A breast lift shouldn’t be confused with breast augmentation specifically performed to increase breast size. Your individual circumstances will determine if your breast lift will be aided with the addition of implants, or in some cases, removal of implants.

Everyone likes to have an attractive and proportionate physique. In today’s world, appearances are important and it’s no surprise that women want to maintain their youthful looks for as long as possible. Dramatic improvements can be achieved with a breast lift, and the physical improvements usually result in greater self-confidence and a more outgoing personality. Common reasons for choosing breast lift surgery include:

  • Pregnancy, hormones and breastfeeding: Changes invariably take place during motherhood. Sagging, stretching and other symptoms are targeted.
  • Weight gain/loss changes: With additional weight comes excess fatty tissue. Losing weight can result in a loss of firmness and volume. A breast lift restores breasts to proportional shape.
  • Illness and injury: A breast lift is very useful for women who have been successfully treated for breast cancer or have recovered from injury and want to restore their aesthetic appearance.

Other conditions that influence breast lift surgery include nipples that point downwards or an areola that is malpositioned. The procedure is also useful for aligning asymmetrical breasts to create a balanced chest physique.

Breast lift surgery consultation

Your consultation is relaxed and comfortable. Dr Valente provides all the resources required for you to make an informed decision regarding your breast lift surgery. The cost of surgery can also be discussed, and will be subject to variables including the duration of the operation and clinical or hospital facilities used. Most importantly, your mind will be put at ease to take the next step with confidence.

Breast lift surgery procedures

Breast lifts are performed to suit individual patient requirements. In most situations a priority is removing skin and fatty tissue that causes stretching or sagging. This will allow the breast to be redraped and reshaped. Incisions are required, and Dr Valente will inform you of suitable surgical options.

  • Anchor lift: Very useful where there is considerable sagging. Incisions are created around the edge of the areola to camouflage the incision, then down the lower part of the breast mound and along the inframammary fold (breast crease) to give the scar appearance of an ‘anchor’ which with time fades into the natural tone of your breast skin colour.
  • Crescent lift: Useful for correcting a smaller degree of sagging, a crescent lift involves making an incision around the top of the areola. This procedure is often coupled with breast augmentation.
  • Peri-Areolar lift: Also known as a ‘Donut Lift’ as the incision is created around the areola edge. Also used in breast augmentation procedures, a peri-areolar lift is popular as there is almost no visible scarring.
  • Vertical lift: Known as a ‘Lollipop Lift’, this procedure requires an incision around the areola circumference and a second incision from the areola to inframammary fold. The vertical lift is useful for extensive shaping of the breasts.

Breast lift surgery recovery

Breast lift surgery can be daunting for many women. The procedure itself is somewhat invasive and deeply personal, requiring the caring services of committed surgical staff. It’s also very helpful to have supportive friends or family members to assist you with recovery once you return home. On the plus side, as surgical techniques have improved the procedure has become easier, faster and safer than ever. The operation is usually over within a couple of hours.

Initial recovery will involve some swelling and bruising around the operated area. Any pain can be alleviated with appropriate pain relief medication as prescribed by Dr Valente. You may have surgical drains attached that help release unwanted fluids. Bandages and surgical tape can usually be removed or changed after a day or two during your home recovery. Dr Valente will be on hand for follow-up consultations and assistance.

You may be required to wear a surgical support bra to hold your breasts in position and assist with recovery. Strenuous activities or heavy lifting should be delayed for several weeks until you have healed and feel comfortable moving about. Incision scars will diminish over time and change to a more natural skin colour. The end result will be a proportionate and attractive appearance, with scars hidden as discreetly as possible. This will allow you to show off your new look and to enjoy life with a new-found confidence.

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