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Face and Neck Lift

The loss of youthful facial contours often leads to a lack of confidence or inhibition in social settings. It can also hinder intimacy and is quoted as a major source of workplace discrimination. For a person who still feels young and vibrant on the inside, an exterior that doesn't reflect their true nature seems a contrary way to live.

Everyone ultimately ages due to heredity, gravity, habits, stress and environmental impacts, but a face and neck lift will reverse the signs of ageing and accurately reflect your real self. You can then get on with enjoying life to its fullest.

Today’s savvy marketing world is saturated with miracle cure facelift claims. The truth is that nothing comes close to the results that can be achieved with contemporary facelift surgery. This is especially so when the operation is performed by an experienced practitioner at an accredited clinic or hospital facility.

Face and neck lift surgery takes years of dedicated study and practice to master. It is a personalised procedure that takes individual patient characteristics into consideration. Passing fads consisting of lotions, potions, or a ‘cookie cutter’ experience are simply gimmicks designed to help people part with their hard earned money.

What is a face and neck lift?

Although there may be various definitions, a genuine face and neck lift involves tightening of the lower face, jowls and neck. This is usually accomplished by making incisions in front or behind the ears, and under the chin. Additional procedures such as brow lift surgery, eyelid surgery, dermal filling and PRP injections can be undertaken simultaneously or at a later date in order to create optimum facial symmetry.

A face and neck lift can be further understood in terms of ageing. Patients experiencing minor ageing require a minor lift, medium ageing necessitates a medium lift, and patients showing major signs of ageing require a more extensive major face and neck lift. The procedural steps in each case have similarities but vary according to the amount of surgery required. When coupled with other facial surgeries the visible signs of ageing are greatly diminished.

Areas of the face and neck treated

  • Sagging skin on the face
  • Jowls that hang and sag
  • Fatty deposits and sagging skin under the chin
  • Deep facial creases created by skin-folds and sagging
  • Facial hollows requiring restoration of fatty volume

Reasonably healthy individuals without medical conditions that may inhibit healing are suited for a face and neck lift. It’s also important to maintain a positive outlook along with realistic expectations of surgical results.

Face and neck lift consultation

The face is intricate, with many features worth preserving for both health and appearance. Choosing the right surgeon is paramount in achieving face and neck lift surgical results that accurately reflect your ideals. Dr Valente will comprehensively evaluate the areas of your face and neck requiring improvement. The caring consultation assists you in understanding your skin elasticity and texture.

Dr Valente plans the best approach for removing all unwanted loose skin and excess fat. The initial overview of your facial features provides indication for the ideal placement of incisions, while also evaluating your soft tissue and bone structure. Dr Valente’s multi-layered approach is designed to achieve great results. Dr Valente will also prime your facial skin at the cellular level whilst you await for your surgery so that you achieve a superior result.

The face and neck lift procedure

Every face is different and your individual situation requires personalised treatment of underlying conditions. A facelift is generally performed by first creating an incision across the hairline and following natural contours around the ears. A neck lift is achieved by means of a small incision on the underside of the chin.

Skin is disconnected from underlying tissue then pulled up to create a smooth and textured appearance. Unwanted skin is removed and the incision stitched back together. In the hands of Dr Valente, the incisions are precisely created, meaning scars are either completely hidden or well concealed within natural skin folds. In many cases the stitches are created under the skin and allowed to dissolve organically.

Recovering from face and neck lift surgery

The speed of recovery will be dependent on the degree of surgery undertaken, although a return home can be expected within a day or two even after a major facelift. Bandages, dressings and the fluid drainage tube can usually be removed after a couple of days. Another advantage of having Dr Valente performing the surgery is his ongoing care, and you are assured of continued support during recovery.

Some patients utilise a cold compress to minimise discomfort, and it’s important to keep your head elevated during the first few days of recovery. Full feeling should return to any impacted areas over time as numbness or stiffness wears off. You will need to be a little patient during recovery before fully appreciating your newly revitalised look, but the wait will certainly be worth it.

Actual patient

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