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The benefits of Aesthetic Surgery are applicable to both men and women. There are also some procedures specifically for men, such as those that treat enlarged male breasts. This condition, called gynaecomastia, affects almost half of all men, yet it often remains untreated or hidden beneath loose clothing.

Negative body image and intimacy problems are addressed with a male breast reduction to combat gynaecomastia. A proportionate physique is attainable, along with improved quality of life.

There are number of scenarios that cause gynaecomastia. They all result in fatty deposits fleshing out the chest area. In moderation this fat enhances a man’s chest, but too much fat diminishes the masculine profile dramatically. A male breast reduction will restore the balance, provide an opportunity to stabilise weight, and improve all-round muscle tone. Breast reduction for men is now fairly common and very safe, with fat easily removed and little noticeable scarring.

Gynaecomastia surgery is beneficial for healthy adult men of any age. The procedure can stimulate exercise and healthy lifestyle choices, therefore it’s important for men to modify behaviour for the best long-term results.

Excessive drinking, smoking, eating and steroid use all contribute towards weight gain, and the surgery is an opportunity for a fresh start.

Skin that is elastic and firm will return to its original shape for some men. As we age, however, our skin becomes slack and weight change can result in noticeable ‘man boobs’. Male breast issues affect both large and small men, with gynaecomastia surgery the obvious solution in many cases.

Expectations of gynaecomastia surgery

A good looking chest is contoured in keeping with shoulders and arms. Symmetry of physique makes a man feel strong and appealing. Benefits of a male breast reduction flow on to relationships, where self-confidence and personal expression can shine.

Men want to look good in fashionable and tailored clothing. Breast reduction surgery means you will look good in a suit or in the pool. The surgery removes excess fat, while muscle remains in place so you can continue to shape and build your physique and capitalise on the operation. Elective surgery provides a pathway to achieve physical goals, while additional benefits are ongoing.

Gynaecomastia surgery

Male breast reduction surgery aims to enhance shape and contour the chest area. An incision is created under the arm or near the areola. Fat and tissue is then removed before the incision is closed. Scars are well concealed and will heal in time to match your natural skin tone. Gynaecomastia surgery is often assisted by liposuction for removal of excess fatty tissue. In some cases, liposuction is all that’s required to combat male breast growth.

As with many progressive cosmetic procedures, your hospital visit will probably be as an outpatient, with a return home on the day of the operation. The surgery will last between one and three hours, depending on individual circumstances, and initial recovery is closely monitored. Dr Valente uses only the best equipment and surgical staff at dedicated clinical and hospital facilities.

Recovering from gynaecomastia surgery

You will need the assistance of a friend or family member to drive you home after surgery. Movements will be limited for a few days. Much of the healing will be assisted by wearing a support garment that protects the surgical site, minimises swelling and maintains the chest contour.

There will be some bruising, swelling or numbness that will subside with time. Dr Valente will provide information about cleaning the surgical site, along with a general recovery plan. The majority of men are comfortable enough to return to work one week after gynaecomastia surgery.

Although complications are rare, Dr Valente is qualified to prescribe suitable medications to treat fluid accumulation, relieve pain or treat any infection. The recovery plan includes sticking to healthy weight guidelines and limiting supplements that contribute to build-up of unwanted fat and muscle.

It’s a healthy sign that men are concerned about looking good. Aesthetic surgery is for anyone who desires healthy and attractive change, and men also appreciate the opportunity. Looking proportional, symmetrical and stylish can be transforming on a personal level, and will provide a whole new range of social and intimate opportunities.

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