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Male Body Lift

A male body lift is best understood as a group of strategies that result in long-term improvements in your overall body shape and contour. The first step is to prepare yourself for the body lift. Exercise and diet are extremely useful during initial weight loss, and should be ongoing after recovery.

However, fatty deposits and loose skin will be more noticeable once weight has been shifted, so a body lift is the next phase of recovery. Skin or fat that has accumulated can be removed to achieve a tighter, more sculpted appearance.

The results of a male body lift are further enhanced by stabilising body weight with nutrition and exercise. Exercise is useful prior to surgery for reaching your target weight. It will again become important during recovery as you stick to guidelines and re-introduce regular routines.

Long-term results of a male body lift are affected by lifestyle and health. In most cases, improvements are permanent. Additional liposuction can be conveniently performed without any scarring, and although muscle and fat can gather, it’s up to you to keep in shape.

Where will a body lift improve?

A body lift is useful for improving both your upper and lower torso including arms, chest and thighs. There are two basic divisions of body lift:

Upper body lift

  • skin rolls around the stomach and waist
  • male breasts that are too pronounced
  • fat arms and under-hanging skin

Lower body lift:

  • skin hanging from the lower abdomen
  • excess skin and fat on the hips and lower back
  • buttocks that are sagging or flat
  • thighs that are weighed down by excess fat or skin

Many men begin to notice fat around the belly. In time, fat will also start to accumulate in the lower back, hips, buttocks and thighs. If left unchecked, obesity could be the result and a body lift is required to restore equilibrium, symmetry and health.

Body contouring is possible and every procedure can be adapted for individual application. Dr Valente creates a balanced and tapered profile by using state of the art technology, dedicated clinical facilities and staff, and his own wealth of surgical knowledge.

Body lift consultation and surgery

Good surgical results can be expected from an experienced professional. Body lift surgery is very personal for both men and women, and there are a lot of options and possibilities to consider. Dr Valente is your surgical expert and guide every step of the way. The consultation will educate you regarding cutting-edge technology and practices, and you will also learn of various male body lift procedures, including their merits and limitations.

Male body lift surgery can take several hours, especially if more than one procedure is required.

Most incisions in a body lift are made to facilitate skin elevation and repositioning, while underlying muscles can also be tightened. Internal sutures are used wherever possible, and stitches dissolve naturally.

Drains are used to help eliminate fluid accumulation, while sterile dressings and compression garments assist with healing and limit unnecessary movement. The hospital stay lasts for a couple of days for monitoring and initial recovery. There will be some bruising, swelling and soreness as the body naturally heals, and pain relief medication can be prescribed.

Ongoing improvements after male body lift surgery

You will require help getting around for the first few days of recovery. A friend or family member will need to drive you home from hospital, and possibly stay with you for a day or two. Recovery should be comfortable and progressive, without any strenuous activity, exercise or stretching.

As swelling subsides and bodily contour improves, you can begin to introduce regular activities. Most men are able to return to work after a few weeks with renewed vigour and unhampered by extra weight. With the loss of weight comes greater vitality, increased stamina, confidence and self-esteem. A male body lift succeeds on many fronts to keep you looking young and healthy.